Juv-st too strong

JuveBarcJuventus proved way too strong for Barcelona in the CL.

Just as they are annoyingly better than the rest in Serie A, now they are slowly but surely making their mark in Europe as well.

Wednesday night’s performance at the Nou Camp had it all – even though it finished 0-0: Fort Knox-like defence, solid yet creative midfield and a powerful and participative attacking line.

Oh, we were also forgetting: a great manager. Massimiliano Allegri said before the game he would field his usual quartet of star attackers: Higuain, Dybala, Mandzukic and Cuadrado.

What a difference it makes compared with Jose Mourinho’s ultra-defensive tactics in 2010 when Inter clinched their qualification to the CL final through gritted teeth. It takes balls to go to the Nou Camp with 4 forwards.

Two things were particularly impressive on Wednesday:

  1. Juve never looked threatened and gave the impression to control the game with Fonzie-like cool. They made defending their 3-goal advantage even easier than it seemed and didn’t burn vast amounts of energy preserving their goal untouched.
  2. The Turin giants have so far conceded just two goals since the start of their European campaign. Bonucci is arguably the best defender in the world these days, but the rest of the defensive back four is not too shabby either.

Now with a little luck they will face Real over two legs in the semis and Monaco in the final… because they’re not only good, but they also enjoy culo! Italians will understand this one.


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